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Hip Hop Jewels 20 Years Ago Pt. 1

Vic Vesso

Posted on January 06 2017

Here we are, its 2017, a new year with everyone hoping for it to be better than the previous. 2016 was seen as pop cultures worst nightmare. On the creative side we saw some amazing music released but on the legends side we lost so many. To name a few that really hit home were David Bowie, George Michael, and the beloved Prince.

It’s tough to lose a hero, but a new year also comes with a new hope and attitude. Vesso's collections were heavily inspired by Hip Hop and urban music so we wanted to share with you some of our influences, inspirations, and favorites in jewelry from 20 years ago. B.I.G. to Diddy, Jay-Z to Kanye, Future to Fetty Wap, we’ve seen jewelry go through its ups and sink to its downs.


1996 was a huge year in Hip Hop but we’ll leave the drama and history to Sway. Let’s talk Jesus Pieces. While maybe not the first to rock it, he made it a staple in hip hop. We’re talking about the Notorious B.I.G. pictured above with Sean Combs, known as many names with the latest and longest lasting name being P. Diddy. Biggie Smalls elevated the Jesus Piece to a new level in Hip Hop jewelry. “Cubans with the Jesus Piece,” BIG said. A true pioneer in Hip Hop and street culture this piece was put to the test of time and it’s safe to say it’s surpassed that test. 20 years later the Jesus Piece is still as hot and still as fresh as when BIG wore it.


Don’t look at this article as a timeline as much as an ode to Hip Hop jewelry. We might hop around from year to year but the relevance is just as important.
Mentioning Biggie without mentioning Tupac is like talking about Trump without mentioning Clinton. Alright, maybe that comparison isn’t the best but you get the point. The two names were always spoken one after the other. These men revolutionized hip hop.

Seen above, 2pac is rocking a Herringbone chain. This chain was straight west coast. It had a humble and confident look to it and you can’t deny the style it comes with. The herringbone necklace is still a popular choice today and still carries the same principles.


We’ve only skimmed the surface of our past. If you’ve made it this far, be sure to come back next week to check out part 2 of Hip Hop Jewels 20 Years Ago.


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